Exciting News!  The Gayle Harrod Band has been chosen to be a part of  WTMD radio’s Baltimore Band Block Party on June 16th!  This is a HUGE opportunity for us.  The Winners will perform at a First Thursday concert at Canton Waterfront Park, in front of thousands of people, 2nd place does a live lunch at the station, 3rd gets to be on Baltimore Hit Parade, and there are additional cash and gear prizes and all the bands get to have their music played on the radio.   

I got to hear my own original song, “God Laughed”,  played on WTMD radio for the first time ever today!  Very cool stuff!

This event is a fundraiser for WTMD, Baltimore’s ONLY publicly funded radio station.  20 bands start out but only the top 10-12 bands with the most ticket sales or donations in raised their name get to go through to the finals.  Both tickets and donations are tax deductible, because they support the nonprofit radio station.  

We are so excited to be a part of this event and we REALLY want to get to the finals, but we can’t do it without the help of our friends and family! You can support us by either purchasing a ticket for The Gayle Harrod Band, or by making a Donation in our name. We hope you’ll come out and support us but if you can’t make the show,  a small donation  to the station in our name would be greatly appreciated. There will be a space to type in “The Gayle Harrod Band” prior to submitting your donation. This is just an incredible opportunity for us and it would mean the world to us to make it through to the finals.  Can we count on you for even a small donation in our name to help us make this happen?  

Just follow the link to buy at ticket or make a donation.


Thanks so much!

Gayle  ?

P.S.:  We are happy to report that we raised $2470 for WTMD radio and took 3rd place in fundraising!

We will be featured on an upcoming episode of Baltimore Hit Parade with Sam Sessa!

Final Standings:

1.     Soul Island Rebels — $3026

2.     Too Soon Jokes — $2860

3.     The Gayle Harrod Band — $2470

4.     Them Animals — $1300

5.     Ebb & Nova — $1300

6.     Crisco Dreams — $1045

7.     Shelby Blondell — $1000

8.     Subtastics — $960

9.     Automatic Slim — $910

10.The Old Part of Town — $850

11.Lenore Lenoire — $760

12.Leo & Cygnus — $670

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